Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Established in 2009

Hello and welcome to Adam's Bike Shop!
In early 2008 I got my daughter a Strider Bike and after seeing her get used to it and hearing her ask me to ride it almost everyday, I decided to tell my friends about it so they too could experience the fun of Strider Bikes.

Soon after the spring of 2009 I decided to become a dealer so that I could help spread the joy of riding. I am an avid cyclist myself, with over 20 years of riding thus far. My father owns a bike shop in Duluth, MN, Twin Ports Cyclery. Naturally this was my first job and I had many roles throughout my years; sales, ordering, repair, ride leader, etc. I love bikes and I love seeing people ride bikes. Especially kids. So it felt natural for me to get into business selling Strider Bikes.

The site is new and still in process, but I intend to add videos, reviews, customer feedback, and event information, so if you want to keep in touch add this site to your favorite RSS reader, become a Follower or simply check back every so often. If you ever have any questions, let me know!

A little bit about Strider Bikes:
The Strider™ running bike teaches kids age 1-5 years old how to balance and steer a two-wheeler. The simple, thoughtful design offers them easy control and helps build their confidence. They will never need a tricycle and never need training wheels when they start out on a Strider™.
The Strider™ brand running bike gets kids started younger, adjusts with them as they grow, and keeps them riding longer and learning more through the unique frame design with integrated footrests and optional brake.

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