Friday, September 4, 2009

Strider in the woods

Not too long ago I invited my daughter Charlotte to ride some of the very same trails that I ride. I told her it was in the woods and that there would be other bikers, roots and rocks. She immediately said YES. We set a day and talked about trail etiquette until the day came.
Here's a map of the trail system. We hit the green loop in the upper right corner.
I didn't know what to expect. We were going to hit the beginner loop, which is pretty short - for me - and has a couple hills. What I wasn't ready for, was how excited and how fast Charlotte was on the trail. She LOVED it! We were jogging to keep up with her. The roots and rocks didn't slow her down one bit. She really enjoyed the downhills and the occasional push I gave her for the longer uphills. What's cool with the Strider bike is that I can trick her a bit. I "push" her by putting my hand on her back and she thinks I'm pushing, but I'm not really pushing all that much and she's still doing most of the work.
Initially I thought we'd make it about half way around the loop before she got bored or tired, but I was wrong! We made it the whole way, with one significant stop to allow a group of riders to pass.
After that it was back in the saddle and kicking up dust! When we finished she asked "Umm, dadee? Can we go 'gain?" Awesome! A quick check of the mileage reports .78 miles - way to go Charlotte!
Here are the pictures:



Bridges? No problem!

Leanin' in the corner



You can check out more pictures here:

To be more in line with the internet, pricing for my Strider bikes will now be $88.20 everyday.

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